NCOA Processing | CASS Certification | AMS Print and MailNational Change of Address or NCOA is a secure database of over 160 million change-of-addresses maintained by the United States Postal Service. This list dates back up to 48 months. AMS utilizes leading technology that has full access to this database, giving us the ability to update mailing lists with the most accurate data for our clients. Processing data through NCOA processing has proven to improve the average database by 5%. NCOA certificates are valid for 95 days.

Part of this process relies on CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System). CASS Certification improves the reliability of carrier route, 5-digit ZIP, ZIP + 4, and Delivery Point Codes (DPC). Essentially, this tests the quality of addresses in a mailing list to ensure deliverability. CASS Certification is required to properly NCOA a database.

Benefits of NCOA
With reduced undelivered / duplicated mail, NCOA qualifies mailings for the best discount postage rates and quicker return. This means overall reduced mailing costs and a speedy mailing process.