Poly Bagging Services | AMS Print and MailThe advantage to a Poly Bag is the savings when compared to an envelope plus the inserting costs associated. Another plus is the piece being placed into the bag is fully visible to the recipient thus more likely to be opened when received. AMS Provides Bio Degradable Poly Bags and Poly Bagging Services for all our projects. The material will break down in a landfill environment similar to paper and each bag is branded so the people receiving it are shown you care about the environment and they know it’s safe to recycle as any other paper product.

Popular companies promote goods and services through catalogs, promotional materials, special announcements and journals. Poly wrapping of your valuable catalog or printed materials affords you maximum exposure and visibility to your customer. Your images and design are clearly seen and your customer will feel the full effect of the value you are promoting or providing. This biodegradable film offers incredible protection against damage in the mail stream or transportation methods. Plus, it sets you apart and shows value and care in presentation, delivery and ultimately your products, information and offerings.